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  • Would the mask fit me?
    BLOQIT masks are currently made to fit most adults. With the rubber stoppers on the ear loops, the mask fitting can be adjusted to fit most adult faces.
  • Is the mask medical grade?
    No. Our masks are not medical grade and has not been sanitised.
  • What does the mask filter?
    Airborne particles such as dust, germs, allergens, ash, particles in smoke and other types of harmful air pollutants when used with the PM2.5 filter.
  • How should I wash the mask?
    Remove the filter before washing the mask in cold soapy water. Wash the mask in a gentle motion. Rubbing the fabric too aggressively will damage the delicate lining and degrade the mask more quickly. Do not wring/twist the mask dry. Hold the mask under running water to remove the soap, then gently squeeze to release some of the water and line dry the mask in the sun. Allow to completely dry before re-use.
  • How often should I wash my mask?
    When to wash the mask depends on how much use the mask has been through. We understand it is not always practical to wash the mask after every wearing. Instead, we recommend gentle washing could be done once or twice a week with careful handling of the mask. Make sure to avoid touching the front of the mask and only touch the ear straps to wear and remove the mask. Please note that continuous washing over time will inevitably degrade the material quality, antibacterial and water repellent treatment.
  • Can the masks be machine washed?
    We highly recommend gentle hand washing to prevent the nose strip from randomly bending with the potential of breaking in the washing machine. Dirty socks and underwear are generally thrown into the washing machine and bacteria can still be present. We don't recommend machine washing due to poor hygiene reasons. The mask should be as clean as possible to be worn on the face. If you must use the machine wash your mask and accept the potential damage, they can be washed on a gentle cycle or delicate setting.
  • How often do I have to change the filter?
    We recommend disposing the filter after 24 hrs of use under heavily polluted conditions as the safest practice. Short intermittent use for example 3-4 hrs a day, would require disposal after 1 week. Filters are required to be disposed of after use. Please do not wash and reuse filters.
  • Are the filters washable?
    No. Please do not wash and reuse filters.



These answers are general recommendations and guides only.

They are not professional medical advice. Please consult medical professionals for further advice.

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